About Us


Mission Statement

“Exercising the Senses, Quickening Impulses for the Best of Africa”

 Lamprace is a relay race created between Culture, Purpose, and Reason, and aimed at providing dynamic focal points, for Africa, between culture and productive outcomes.  It is inspired by a conviction that slavery and the colonial imprint and the subsisting meta-colonial order unite to subvert the economic development of Africa.

The primary objective of this enduring exercise is to ignite a higher consciousness by bringing into being a new view of Africa and its development, different in its scale of values from that which governs the metacolonial order.

 By reconstructing NEWS and steering conversations that red-flag booby traps installed, wittingly or unwittingly, to defy the rise of the continent, Lamprace aspires to support the revitalization of Africa’s human infrastructure and facilitation of new soft-power agencies for reconstructing the mindset of reconstructing Africa.