Africa is fading away without economic sovereignty, says Namorong

Africa's economic sovereignty

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In his work, “The Story of Independence – Economic and Political Independence,” Martyn Namorong holds the view that: “Economic independence of a nation produces true political independence of a nation state. Political independence is only a facade if the nation is not economically independent.

Economic independence is the control of the wealth of a nation by a majority of its citizens. Martyn Namorong, who is the coordinator of the Papua New Guinea Resource Governance Coalition, went further to state that one of the fundamental ideas behind the creation of nation states is the right of a people to self-determination. It is about a people being in charge of their destiny. The idea of a People being FULLY in charge of their own affairs is expressed in the word SOVEREIGNTY..

Sovereignty of a people expresses itself in the forms of political independence, economic independence, cultural and societal independence. Political independence in its fullness, manifests in the way political power is exercised by the citizens of a nation state. In order for citizens to exercise these powers, they must have greater political capital than any organization, institution or foreign influence. A nation State in which its Citizens have less political capital than other third parties, is not a politically independent state.

In any context, economic independence means local ownership of resources and the means of production for the utilization of natural wealth (aka natural resources). Local ownership is crucial to having the General Will of the People being expressed through a Political Authority.

Parliaments and constitutions are symbols of authority.  Namorong justifies his position by asserting that if one looks at the relationship between resource ownership or wealth and the exercise of political power, the observer will understand that political power is based upon the ownership of wealth. In other words, economic independence of a nation produces true political independence of a nation state.

If resources within a political boundary are owned and exploited by foreigners or a few elite, the Political Authority or Government reflects the will of these parties. In instances where the “state” owns the resource, the Government’s decisions reflect the will of those who create the enabling mechanism for exploiting the resources. Therefore, whoever controls the wealth of a nation controls the state. If the exploiters are state apparatuses then the government decisions reflect the will of those in power.


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