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Bandits ‘going nowhere, battle-ready,’ dares Sheik Gumi, condemns military offensive; bandits are Fulani people, we know them, affirms Gov. Masari

Islamic cleric, Ahmad Gumi, has again condemned the current military offensive against armed herders and bandits operating in the North-west region of Nigeria

Islamic cleric, Ahmad Gumi, has again condemned the current military actions against armed herders and bandits operating in the North-west region of Nigeria and declared that it would not stop their activities.

Sheik Gumi, in a long evocation on his verified Facebook page on Monday, said the reported military successes against bandits in Zamfara forests will only complicate the crisis, as contained in a PREMIUM TIMES report.

“Let us face the reality, these herdsmen are going nowhere, and they are already in battle gear, and we know our military very well, so before things get messy, we need cold brains to handle this delicate situation. Its common sense that if you allow your neighbours to be your enemy you are already conquered. Because they can easily be used against you by other forces as we see now the herdsmen are ultimately used to destabilize the region, pauperize and even depopulate it.”

In the statement, which he titled ‘Zamfara: The Flaring of Crisis’, Mr Gumi stressed that the military action “is no solution or wisdom.

 “Unfortunately, this is no solution or wisdom. When you don’t have the monopoly of the instruments of violence, then dialogue has the monopoly of resolving the conflict.”

“This is what the UN is all about. i.e., roundtable resolution of conflicts. What we are seeing is more than just criminals and criminality, yes it may have started as such but like any conflict, it is dynamic.”

“Military actions in the past have worsen(ed) the situation stimulating herdsmen resistance. Any more action will push them closer to religious fanaticism. It gives them protection from discrediting them as thieves and also reinforce their mobilization of gullible young unemployed youth as we saw with BH.”

 “I have met many of the bandit leaders to see a way out of this gridlock. I have talked to the political class and security agents. Except for an exception, most state governors want a peaceful resolution of the conflict. The Police and other security outfits have also realized the enormity of the problem. But, unfortunately, the presidency for what appears to be political gullibility and the military for budgetary reasons as they are the most beneficiary of conflicts of this nature doesn’t seem to be on the same page.”

Mr Gumi is a proponent of dialogue with the bandits despite their bloody imprint in most communities in the north.

Zamfara State Governor Bello Matawalle had engaged bandits in his state in dialogue but failed to end the menace. He has now withdrawn from the process and endorsed military actions.

Meanwhile, Aminu Bello Masari, governor of President Muhammadu Buhari’s state of origin, said the criminal elements who have plunged the entire nation into unusual security crisis are majorly Fulani herdsmen.

Governor Masari made the claim on Monday while featuring on a Channels Television programme, ‘Politics Today’.

He revealed that the elements have same religion, language like himself, stressing that they have been living “with us for hundreds of years”.

He said, “Bandits are persons who speak same language like me. They profess the same religious beliefs like me.

“These bandits are not aliens, they are people we know. They are people that have been living with us for hundreds of years.”

“The infiltration we have from some African countries and non-African countries, are people of the Fulani extraction.”

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