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Nigeria partners private sector to promote shipping line; to begin operations next year

Omidiji said the Sealink project was conceived out of the need for Nigeria to have regional shipping, noting that the country currently engages the service of foreign vessels to move goods outside the country, which is expensive and having negative impacts on its foreign exchange earnings.

Nigeria’s state oil company lacks expertise; few in top mgm’t understand well operations; capabilities wholly outsourced — Ex-Group Director

He claimed that the NNPC has been “outsourcing all its technical capabilities” for the past 20 years.

Afreximbank Builds Trade, Investment Bridges between Africa and the Caribbean

“We would like to leave here with concrete proposals on how to open air and sea links between the Caribbean and Africa. We would like to leave here with concrete plans to open banking and payment rails, see joint ventures for industrial projects, deepen our commercial collaboration in the creative and commercial space, collectively protect our intellectual properties to share knowledge and invest in climate adaption projects,” he said.

Over 100% deficit in view as Nigeria proposes N19.76tn budget for FY 2023, zero capital allocation; neo-liberal policies sinking Nigeria, expert laments

She stated that bold, decisive and urgent action must be taken to address revenue under performance and expenditure efficiency at the national and sub-national levels.

The Big Picture emerges from Nigeria’s East as Soludo announces $900 trln Gold bounty

This is as Governor Soludo, governor of Anambra State, announced the discovery of gold reserves in Ehamufu, in Anambra State of Nigeria, estimated at over 20 million tonnes, and with market value of about $900 trillion.

Nigeria ranks 3rd from bottom in revenue generation

“Revenue is the way to go and that is how countries develop and use borrowing to augment revenue shortfalls now and again.

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