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NASENI alive to mandate; researching into and developing ‘Made-in-Nigeria’ products – Vice Chair

He said: “The new NASENI was made possible by the support and commitments of the governing board, the management and staff of NASENI and all its development institutes/centres across the country.

This Day for Africa – Yoruba astrology indicates beginning of Africa’s turnaround

Arguably, the loss of millions of our people to Trans Atlantic slavery and perhaps, the loss of our lands to colonization is seen as the greatest loss of our traditional timing and knowledge banks. This loss practically blinded us as people. It is also noticed that Yoruba Stargazers known as ‘Aworawo’ have practically disappeared from the Original African cultural landscape.

UNN students protest 100% fee hike

“The students’ reaction is simple – we are not comfortable with the increment; even though the increment is inevitable, the amount they increased it to is too high. They doubled it, like a 105 percent increment, so it’s much.

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