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Resident doctors bemoan hostile learning environment, finger consultants; say medicine like a “cult”

“In Nigeria, consider yourself lucky for a consultant to even answer your greetings. Here, it is a privilege to carry a professor’s bag, but in the western world, if you greet a professor repeatedly, they may think the person has a psychiatric problem.”

This Day for Africa – Africa’s first aviator Willa Brown born

Brown was the coordinator of war-training service for the Civil Aeronautics Authority and later was a member of the Federal Aviation Administration's Women's Advisory Board.

University of Abuja creates interface between academics and industry; begins internship programme with 500 students

He said the objectives of Internship Programme of ILS Unit is to provide the opportunity for the university programme to have a more measurable relevance to the society, enhance the employability of the students by providing spaces for them to have a foretaste of the employment needs of society and enhance their skills in this regard, among others.

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