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Deal reached! Doctors strike to be called off

The spokesman of the ministry, Olajide Oshundun, while giving an update on what happened, told journalists that the parties, namely, the Federal Government, the Nigeria Medical Association (NMA), and the National Association of Resident Doctors (NARD), had reached an agreement to halt the five-day nationwide warning strike of resident doctors.

As President, you’ve no need of medical tourism

Mrs Buhari revealed that she first nurtured the idea of a Presidential Wing in 2017 after her husband’s extensive stay in London for medical treatment.

Scoring second on the death row!

The report showed that maternal and infant mortality rates in Nigeria have stagnated since 2015, approximately occurring every year.

Cost of a weakening currency – now doctors want 200% pay rise!

The doctors are demanding an immediate increase in the Consolidated Medical Salary Structure to the tune of 200 per cent of the current gross salaries of doctors.

Beware of that blend of alcohol and herbs!

Made by fermenting herbs, roots, and other natural ingredients and alcohol, they are often sold in unregulated markets. They are not subject to the same safety standards as commercial alcoholic beverages.

Just another look at that Indomie seasoning!

“What we are doing is an extra caution to ensure that the product is not smuggled in, and if so, our post-marketing surveillance would detect it. We also want to be sure that the spices used for the Indomie and other noodles in Nigeria are tested.

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