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It’s culture-cocktail of superstitious, pseudo-Christianity, perpetrated by ministers after the lucre, says Nigerian don

He advised priests in African-led churches in diaspora to avoid being distracted by money.

This Day for Africa – Brazil observes Black Consciousness Day, in honour of Zumbi

Zumbi dos Palmares was a Brazilian of Kongo origin and a leader of one of the ‘quilombos’ — a figurative settlement consisting of enslaved Africans having escaped their brutal masters. Zumbi was a freedom fighter and a legendary Black hero. He was given to Portuguese slavery at the vulnerable age of six and escaped nine years later, returning to Palmares (where he was born) and immediately launched an anti-slavery campaign against Portuguese oppression.

Wake up “Africa’s Lords of Poverty!” When elitism wallows in shallow dreams, instant gratification!!

“I have since moved to yet another group with similar intentions. In the next few months my colleagues and I will be in Lusaka to hypnotize the Cobra. I work for the broker that has acquired a chunk of your debt. Your government owes not the World Bank, but us millions of dollars. We’ll be in Lusaka to offer your president a couple of millions and fly back with a check twenty times greater.”

Coronation of King Charles III fixed for May 6 at Westminster Abbey

Queen Elizabeth II’s service was based largely on that of her father, George VI, which was modelled on that of George V – although special seating structures were built inside the church to increase the usual congregation to 8,000.

OBJ, Jega call for elite bargain to stem poverty; politics not about robbing the people; warn that youths might force a change

Dercon, who was the author of “Gambling on Development: Why Some Countries Win and Others Fail,” warned Nigeria’s elite against favouring distributive politics by yielding to zero-sum game, “which means that those, who control the state will make sure that they benefit from it and those who do not control won’t get anything,” adding: “Spending 10 minutes to run a country and the remaining 23 hours, 50 minutes to line ones pocket” ruins development.

“Your vision for Niger Delta will manifest” says Ibori, in tribute to Alamieyeseigha

In a remembrance tribute posted on his official Twitter handle alongside the late Alamieyeseigha’s picture, Ibori wrote: “Governor General, your vision for the people of the Niger Delta region will be realised in good time. Continue to rest well my brother, my friend and my comrade.”

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