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This Day for Africa: It’s the OAU birthday; 75 years after “Berlin partitioning”

The absence of an armed force like that of the United Nations left the organization with no means to enforce its decisions.

This Day for Africa – First Malcolm X Day in D.C.

During this period, Black activists were also striving to connect issues that affected Africans in America with those that affected Africans in Africa.  The African Liberation Day Celebration (ALDC) was thus established in 1972 to gather activists from across the country and acknowledge the ties that bind.

This Day for Africa – For Winnie, a six-years prison term!

Released on a modest bail equivalent to $72, Mrs. Mandela looked defiant as she walked out of the courthouse to cheers from several hundred waiting supporters, some of whom held placards declaring "Stop harassing our mother Winnie Mandela" and "No justice under an unjust government."

This Day for Africa – Nigerian university renamed after Awolowo

The University is situated on a vast expanse of land totaling 11,861 hectares in Ile-Ife, Osun State, Southwest of Nigeria.

This Day for Africa – Poor People’s Campaign arrives D.C.

The plan was to bring thousands of poor people to Washington, D.C., to demand that government officials offer equal opportunity through jobs and a fair minimum wage, and to highlight the struggle for equality among people of all races.

This Day for Africa – Mandela gets parliamentary affirmation for president

The historic occasion on Monday, 9 May 1994 has, for the past 20 years, been relatively overshadowed by President Mandela’s inauguration in Pretoria the next day.

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