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Whitney’s death: You’re negligent, failed in your duty-of-care!

The state Attorney-General and Commissioner for Justice, Moyosore Onigbanjo, through the Office of the Director, Public Affairs, Lagos State Ministry of Justice, in a statement on Friday, said the suspects would be charged in line with Sections 224 and 251 of the Criminal Law, Laws of Lagos State, 2015.

Day in court for terrorists’ go-between!

According to the charge, Mamu was said to have collected $420,000 and another N21 million from families of victims of the attack.

Bring Putin to the Hague, ICC summons

The likelihood of a trial while Mr. Putin remains in power appears slim because the court cannot try defendants in absentia and Russia has said it will not surrender its own officials. Still, the warrant deepens Mr. Putin’s isolation from the West and could limit his travel overseas.

Rape in DR Congo – Mobile courts to the rescue

In 2022, 314 people in DRC, including 71 soldiers and 143 members of armed groups, were convicted of offences related to human rights violations and abuses, such as sexual violence, according to UNJHRO, which supported 12 investigations by military courts and seven mobile court hearings.

Weary of Mexico? Especially if you’re black

The chilling story has been raising the hairs of millions of Americans across the nation at a time when many often travel to the country to escape the harsh winter weather. And fears are particularly high among travellers of colour.

Another British stab, another Nigerian life lost

The Prosecutor said: “The evidence shows that Vandrose, Menzies and Ffrench were setting off in a car with a disguised registration in order to carry out a robbery, and their target was at the Haz restaurant where Hettiarachchi was working, and to which by phone he had summoned them.’’

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