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Owing to pressure, Nigeria’s First Lady withdraws suit

Justice Halilu Yusuf of the FCT High Court, ruling on the matter, commended the First Lady for taking the “bold steps” to forgive the accused.

IGP grandstands; claims ignorance of case, order, to evade committal to prison

The Force Public Relations Officer, Muyiwa Adejobi, in a statement, said the IGP was not aware of the case.

For disobeying order of Court, Nigeria’s Police Chief bags prison sentence

Justice Olajuwon noted that though the Police Service Commission (PSC) recommended Okoli’s reinstatement into the Force, a decision that was affirmed by the court, the IGP refused to comply with the order.

As Ndigbo remember Dim Ojukwu, Bianca sues for release of Nnamdi Kanu

“At no time in Igbo history, have we seen the type of brutality and wickedness, like we are seeing now. Nigeria has sadly become a crematorium of sorts. Our youths see nothing but a total wasteland ahead of them. Federal Government presence is non-existent in the South East.”

This Day for Africa – The Thibodaux Massacre of African sugar plantation workers

With no land to own or rent, workers and their families lived in old slave cabins. They toiled in gangs, just like their ancestors had for nearly a century. Growers gave workers meals but paid famine wages of as little as 42 cents a day (91 cents per hour in today’s money, for a 12-hour shift).

Prosecute sacked NYSC DG for forgery, fraud, group insists

“For history not to be distorted in favour of law breakers, it is pertinent to remind Nigerians, particularly the Yobe Elders Forum that President Muhammadu Buhari fired Brigadier General M. K Fadah owing to gross incompetence, which we reasonably believe stemmed from his lack of qualification to have occupied the post in the first place.”

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