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He sees, he disrupts! Is Tesla the iPhone undertaker?

Very soon we’re going to say Goodbye iPhone, and Samsung and any mobile phone will become a thing of the past the same way we say said goodbye to Kodack as of no fault of theirs. As Elon Musk the Tesla car manufacturer will launch the first generation of its satellite phones, and you can get high-speed internet with high-quality calls wherever you are on the globe, even if you are inside the earth or underwater at a depth of 100 meters, you will enjoy a high-quality frequency service.

The good thing about it is that no one on the globe will be able to control your calls or stop you from the internet, in addition to that, you can control your Tesla car and use it as a remote.

In addition to that this coming Elon Musk phone does not charge at all with electricity, but rather it charges itself via fiber. This is because its optical battery never die. The phone’s memory will be between 1000 to 2000 gigabytes. This is unimaginable compared to what your laptop is carrying talkless about the current capacity of our phone. Isn’t it?

The GA will be announced once Tesla finalizes the OEM license.

Can’t predict what our lives be in a couple of years, but you can imagine the ingenuity gap with what Musk is bringing on board and see a reason to pardon those who are calling him the anti-Christ out of pure ignorance. I had to rather listen to those who are tagging this wizard as an extra-terrestrial from Mars than these ignorant religious bigots.

The world as you see and know it today is about to change radically and Elon Musk the god of technology is driving that change. While human gods like Musk are busy creating conveniences outdated stone age and religious bigots are busy tagging them as the anti-Christ. The same was said of the Wright Brothers when they place an iron in the air and caused it to fly.

Elon Musk has also developed a solution to blindness the microchip will be inserted into the brain of blind people, even if you were born blind and you will start seeing perfectly. The microchip has been tried and in the next few months, it will be officially approved for use.

How people see all these positive gifts of God to help advance humanity and their wicked minds reduce them to luciferous accomplishments goes a long way to tell you how those pretentious pious blind religious leaders are.

Elon Musk is a special God’s gift to humanity.

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