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Nollywood shocker: actor, producer, director stalked me for sex

Bimpe, Adebimpe Oyebade’s rise to stardom within a short space of time is undoubtedly one that not a few in the industry would wish for. Her debut role in an English-Yoruba movie titled Crossroad (Agbede Meji) had earned her love and acceptance from people within and outside the industry. It further opened doors of opportunities and paved her way in modeling.

Her career soon witnessed another height following her impressive performance in the blockbuster movie ‘Adebimpe Omo Oba.’ 

Growing up in a family of five in Akure, Ondo State of Nigeria,Bimpe attended nursery, primary and secondary schools in Akure, and proceeded to study English at the Ekiti State University.

Beginning with a modeling role at G & G Models. Bimpe was to become ‘the pick’’ for acting role in “Crossroad,” an English-Yoruba movie. She was to play alongside Gabriel Afolayan and Toyin Abraham.

On sex-for-role, Bimpe believes that it is not limited to Nollywood.  “It happens everywhere. The reason we talk about the industry is that we are in a public space so people can talk because even when I was in school, my lecturer wanted to sleep with me,” she stated.

“As a student, my own project supervisor (laughing) wanted to sleep with me. So when I was coming into the industry, I wasn’t even expecting less because as a woman men would still get attracted to you. So I feel like the problem of sex for the role is not the fault of the men! I blame the women more.”

She continues: “I went through it. Even as I wouldn’t want to mention names, I went through it a lot with some of them. And I was like ‘ah what kind of industry is this?’”

“In fact, when I got in at every point everybody wants to sleep with me. I was like ‘is this how it is here?’ But you know it wasn’t something I wasn’t expecting. I just didn’t know it was that bad that at every point, at every location an actor is trying to sleep with you, a producer is trying to sleep with you, a director is trying to sleep with you. But then I just feel like we women need to handle things better. That’s what I feel,” she volunteered.

On how she ‘’escaped’ from it, she said that it was probably because she was not desperate for fame or celebrity status.

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